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Bride Tribe - Bridesmaid Dresses

£1.00 - £24.00

  • Image of Bride Tribe - Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Image of Bride Tribe - Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Image of Bride Tribe - Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Image of Bride Tribe - Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Image of Bride Tribe - Bridesmaid Dresses

1 Bride Tribe print is £16 (A5), £20 (A4), £24 (A3) - each additional print of the same design after this is £8 (add amount of extra's required to the basket).

Standard option is for up to 7 people, for extra Bridesmaid it is £1 extra per Bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid dresses are available in the following colours, and can be viewed in the product 'Bridesmaid Dress':
White/ Coral/ Pink/ Mauve/ Wine/ Lilac/ Purple/ Blue/ Grey/ Dark Grey/ Black/ Navy/ Green/ Gold/ Silver/ Rose Gold

To personalise this print please select the hair options from the picture provided, and write all details in the notes section at checkout as follows:

Left to Right:
Hair/ Dress Type for each person, and the text you would like

Please email if you have any questions!

Please note that all prints are unframed.


Image of Perspex Clutch Bag
Perspex Clutch Bag
Image of Personalised Gift Bag
Personalised Gift Bag
Image of Floral Wooden Name Hoop
Floral Wooden Name Hoop
Image of Personalised Pyjama’s
Personalised Pyjama’s
Image of Bridal Notebook
Bridal Notebook
Image of Personalised ‘Future Mrs ... ‘ Veil
Personalised ‘Future Mrs ... ‘ Veil
Image of Flower Girl
Flower Girl
Image of Bridesmaid Dress
Bridesmaid Dress
Image of Bride Tribe - Hen Party
Bride Tribe - Hen Party
Image of Personalised Hen Party T-Shirts
Personalised Hen Party T-Shirts
Image of Personalised Hen Party Tote
Personalised Hen Party Tote
Image of Travel Set
Travel Set
Image of Mr & Mrs Travel Set
Mr & Mrs Travel Set
Image of Blush Pink Clutch Bag
Blush Pink Clutch Bag
Image of Black Personalised Clutch
Black Personalised Clutch
Image of White Personalised Clutch Bag
White Personalised Clutch Bag
Image of Groom Giftbox
Groom Giftbox
Image of Wrist pouch
Wrist pouch
Image of Mr & Mrs Passport Pouch
Mr & Mrs Passport Pouch
Image of Personalised Slippers
Personalised Slippers
Image of Bridal Bundles
Sold out
Bridal Bundles
Image of Bridal Hangers
Bridal Hangers
Image of Personalised Glasses
Personalised Glasses
Image of Large Gift Box
Large Gift Box
Image of Bridesmaid Design 6
Bridesmaid Design 6
Image of Bridesmaid Design 5
Bridesmaid Design 5
Image of Bridesmaid Design 4
Bridesmaid Design 4
Image of Bridesmaid Design 3
Bridesmaid Design 3
Image of Bridesmaid Design 2
Bridesmaid Design 2
Image of Bridesmaid Design 1
Bridesmaid Design 1
Image of Bride Tribe
Bride Tribe
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